Immerneu- Laundry service application

The Immerneu pick-up and delivery app helps you order cleaning services from home. You can either stay at your home and let us pick up and deliver your laundry, or you can simply drop it off at a partner shop of your choice.

Bushra- Your luck today from the Holy Quran

Bushra application sends a daily Ayah to enlighten your day send you a spirit of optimism and increases trust and trust in God Almighty

Shariawiz – Inheritance calculator

Shariawiz is a new interactive app that makes learning the science of Islamic inheritance simple and fun. The Islamic inheritance calculator is the only English language scholar-certified Islamic Inheritance calculator app in the market and it was named the Best Innovative Halal Solution by the Halal Expo & Summit 2020.

Certkingdom – Offline testing

Designed for all exams preparation. It allows you to create, edit, review results, take practice / virtual tests in an environment very similar to an actual exam.

First Medicine – Health application

This health application gives you quick & easy access to the best-certified doctors & specialists. Avoid contact, risk & travel. Using your smartphone, you can easily schedule an appointment, have a video call with a doctor, get examined & get your evaluation. It's quick, easy & convenient. First Medicine is a global medicine company offering this power app to help you find virtual doctors.

ViewIT – Real estate solution

ViewIT is an end-to-end real estate solution, combining the agent and client journey into one seamless experience. Agents use ViewITs proprietary tech to upload customized video listings. Clients then watch and interact with these listings and if they like what they see, they can contact the agent for further details.

HumSafar- Ride hailing service

Humsafar is a ride share service. This carpooling app allows its users to select rides based on the route match between two cities or areas of Pakistan. Join our hands to help us achieve a future of shared mobility.

Digital Therapy – Speak Listen Resolve

Digital therapy is an application that serves the purpose of communication using the speaker-listener technique to avoid conflicting dialogue.

ZeNoteIt- Task management application

A task management application that enables to work more efficiently and effectively, One app to replace them all! Zenoteit is the place to work on anything with anyone.

Pizza Palace – Food ordering application

Ordering from Pizza Palace has been made as easy as one-two-three. You can now order your favorite pizza in less than a minute.

Asaan Hisab – A Mobile POS

ASAAN HISAB is the perfect invoice maker, invoice creator, invoice generator for small business owners, contractors, and freelancers needing a simple and professional mobile invoice app. Create, send and track invoices and estimates easily on your phone. Manage all of your billing and estimations, quotations faster, Share or print easily.

Shell E-driver application

This application provides complete route management for heavy transport vehicles like petroleum trucks.

AUTOs – E Workshop Application

AUTOs is a technology-driven solution for auto workshop owners and customers. You can now get your car serviced or repaired through an application with few clicks without hassle

Coinroll – Savings platform application

Coinroll is a peer-to-peer microfinance application that helps individuals save money, engaging them in group-savings structures known as Rotating and Saving Credit Associations (ROSCA). ROSCAs have been traditionally referred to as the “poor man’s bank,” but after closer analysis of historical data from African, Caribbean, Asian, and South Asian cultures, ROSCAs have become a tool for economic empowerment for all levels of income earners.

Web Development

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