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June 26, 2023
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It’s connected to the portion of a bank’s deposits that can be lent to borrowers. Likewise, we can calculate Total Noncash Interest Expense as PIK Interest + Financing Fee Amortization. Compare your formula with the completed version and drag across all Optional Prepayment cells. The Optional Prepayment for the other debt tranches is more straightforward.

  1. Before composing a response, let’s review each of these topics.
  2. Remember – we’ll be calculating equity value, enterprise value, and trading multiples for Slack.
  3. As we’ve highlighted previously, revenue and earnings growth tell us that a company is on the right track.

We’ve calculated the interest expense, levered FCF and debt paydown for Y1. Let’s fill out the remaining years following this pattern. We have 45mm of senior debt @ 4% and 45mm of junior debt @ 8%. Senior debt interest expense is 2mm (remember – rounding to whole numbers) and junior debt interest expense is 4mm. Below, we have the completed version along with a step-by-step guide. Before scrolling further, try building the paper LBO yourself.

Standby letters of credit are essentially cash set aside and guaranteed, by a bank, for payment to a third party. It sounds like these letters of credit are essentially prepaid deposits for lessors. Since we’re counting operating lease liabilities as debt (in our enterprise value calculation), we should also include the corresponding restricted cash. By the same logic, if you choose not to include operating lease liabilities as debt, you should not include restricted cash, since it is tied to the leases.

Assessing What Data’s Available

Although it’s immaterial, it’s still best practice to include this. We’re going to use an “if” statement to manage circular references. Here we’re assuming that the book value of net assets (excluding the existing goodwill) is equal to fair value, so the entire excess purchase price is allocated to goodwill. Authors for are not registered broker-dealers or financial advisors. Before investing in any securities, you should consult with your financial advisor and a registered broker-dealer. Never make an investment based solely on what you read on

LBO Entry Assumptions

Little doubt that you now recognize how “multiple expansion” can be your friend. Know also that multiple expansion can be an exceptionally good friend to microcap company investors. That said, when picking microcap cap company stocks to buy, the focus should be on potential future earnings growth and other company fundamentals, not multiple expansion.

Calculate Trading Multiples

You can add it as a memo underneath the meat of the income statement.11) Income Taxes – this is interesting. Slack has a substantial NOL balance, but doesn’t expect to realize any of the value, i.e., the company plans to invest aggressively in growth and anticipates little taxable income. Growth-stage SaaS businesses, like Slack, trade based on revenue, so we can ignore taxes for now.12) Net Loss Per Share – Slack doesn’t trade based on EPS, so who cares. Most private equity firms, therefore, employ a range of special techniques geared toward increasing a company’s cash flow and operational efficiency. First, they use a disciplined approach to finding companies for sale with lower than average multiples.

Although multiple expansion can be related to any type of purchase, this concept is widely used in private equity deals. In addition, the concept of “multiple expansion” can be used to describe any increase in the company’s valuation multiple. When potential buyers evaluate the possible profit potential of a company, they often mistakenly refer to multiple expansion as an independent variable.

What is Multiple Expansion and Its Effect on Returns

This switch will allow us to test the valuation impact of mid-year convention. You may have noticed that the returns above benefited from multiple expansion. The debt balance doesn’t importance of sdlc in software development change, and cash increases each year. Remember the transaction value was 1,100, so that’s too high. First, I think it’s worth asking the interviewer for more information.

If you think about it, financial statements are actually an output. We read them and perform analyses in order to draw inferences from the data. We take the financial statements, the output, and we try to better understand the machine that produced them, the company. It’s natural to start a modeling project by diving into financial statements and entering numbers in Excel.

We’re going to continue this series by building a full standalone model for Slack, complete with flexible operating cases. The next step is pulling Slack’s historical financial and operating data. You should have a debt balance of $1,078 million and an enterprise value of $17,761 million. The enterprise value is less than the equity value, which may seem strange, but just means that the company has more cash than debt. In summary, the diluted share count consists of basic shares, plus RSUs, plus options (calculated using the Treasury Stock Method), plus any converted shares. Usually, one of the first notes is a description of important accounting policies.

Ewing Gold Company, which trades at $10 per share on a valuation of 10 times its $1 of earnings. Let’s say investor interest starts driving the share price up, and, even lacking any noteworthy news or developments, the stock rises to $25 and pushes the price/earnings ratio up to 25/1. If you’d been invested in the company at $10 per share, multiple expansion helped you more than double your money. A price multiple is any ratio that uses the share price of a company in conjunction with some specific per-share financial metric for a snapshot on relative valuation. The share price is then divided by a chosen per-share metric to form a ratio.

We will show you how to weigh which data points to include, and which to ignore. We will also detail the process for collecting cleaned quarterly data, which will be the input for our next article on building operating cases. In our prior article, we introduced public filings research and showed you how to calculate enterprise value and implied trading multiples. Together, we built a Public Market Overview (PMO) for Slack.

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